Fran Whymark

Fran Whymark

Fran Whymark– “I have lived in Rackheath with my wife, Emma, and our children, Sam and Joel, for over 15 years. Sam and Joel attended Rackheath Primary School before going to Broadland High School and are now at university and college. 

I have been actively involved in the community; with the playgroup, youth club, parish council and the Rackheath Community Trust throughout this time. I still love attending Rackheath Youth Club, where I have been a volunteer for over 11 years. In May 2015 I was re-elected as District Councillor for the Wroxham Ward on Broadland District Council and as Parish Councillor on Rackheath Parish Council. 

My day job is as a social worker for Norfolk Children’s Services. I am pleased to be part of Rackheath into the Future (our Neighbourhood Plan Group) and hope my desire to get the best for Rackheath residents will come to fruition. Rackheath is going through a period of great change but I believe that WE (the residents) should have a voice and it is for that reason I wanted to be involved. WE can develop plans to keep Rackheath a great place to live. A place I would like to see my children and grandchildren grow up in”.

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