Parish Council Expenditure Budget & Precept 2017/18

At their meeting of 16 January 2017 the Parish Council approved the expenditure budget for 2017/18 to run the Parish Council and maintain the land, property and amenities. Following consideration of the expected income, receipts and balance of funds, the Parish Council agreed to raise a Precept of £33,000 for 2017/18, an increase of 10% from last year’s Precept of £30,000. The Precept is collected by Broadland District Council on behalf of the Parish Council through the Council Tax paid by householders in Rackheath. This increase will mean that an average Band D Council Tax payer will pay an additional £3.83 more in 2017/18, an increase of 8.4%.

This budget breakdown shows how the Parish Council spends it’s income – RPC_Budget 2017-18_Final(Web)

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