Annual Community Meeting 25 April 2018

Rackheath Annual Community meeting is open to all residents to come along, find out what’s going on in Rackheath and have your say.

The Annual Community Meeting 2018 was held in the Trinity Church on Wednesday 25 April with displays of plans for Newman Road Woods, Stracey Playing Field and the Masterplan for Rackheath.

Parish Council Vice Chairman gave the following report-

In the past we have invited local organisations to give a report of their groups activities and plans but this was not well attended by the public or community groups. We have tried today to make this an opportunity for everyone to talk about plans for the village.

I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate a few achievements that the Parish Council has helped bring about.

  • In July last year the Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan was adopted following a Parish referendum and is now one of the statutory planning documents that developers need to follow when drawing up planning applications. Congratulations to the Steering Group members who worked hard over 2 years to produce this document, which will hold us in good stead for the future.
  • In September the Parish Council achieved Quality Status in the Local Council Award Scheme, which shows that we have good procedures of governance and were praised for our engagement and communication activities.
  • In January we co-opted Chris Yates as Parish Councillor and achieved full membership, a claim that not many Parish Council’s can make!
  • We also co-opted Sam Youngs in July the previous year and he has developed a new Parish Council website, which we are launching this evening. The new website can be found at Local community groups are welcome to take space on the website, just complete our proforma and we’ll put you on at no charge.
  • The Parks and Leisure Committee have been working hard on the plans for the new Pavilion for the last 2 years and building work is due to start this year. It is a major project for the Parish and will cost £463,000. The Parish Council has approved borrowing up to £105,000 from the Public Works Loan Board to help meet the cost of building the Pavilion. This will be repaid at £6,408 per annum over 30 years and will require an increase in the Precept of £5,000 per year, costing the average Band D Council Tax payer an additional £7.33 per annum. If anyone objects to this increase please let us know.


APM 2018

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